How to Delete Depop Account

By nawa | Updated On November 26, 2021 

Depop is a social fashion marketplace with a little bit of both eBay and Instagram. However, if you want to close your Depop account for whatever reason, we’ve got your back. You can delete your Depop account by emailing Depop customer support or from the customer support page. 

Important: You cannot delete your Depop account from the app.

How do I delete my Depop account 

  1. Go to the Depop Request Submission page
  2. Choose Account Issue from the dropdown menu.
    Select Account Issue
  3. Type in your email address associated with your account.
    Enter your email address
  4. Select I want to delete my account in the What is the issue menu.
    Choose I want to delete my account
  5. Enter your Depop username.
    Type in your username
  6. Write an explanation that you want to close your account and make sure to include your username. Click on the Submit button.
    Click Submit

Depop will email you for any update about your account closure situation. 

How to close your Depop account by emailing

You can also request for your account closure by emailing Depop customer support. Compose an email to with the subject, “REQUEST FOR ACCOUNT DELETION”. Describe that you want to delete your account and ensure to include your username as well. 

Depop will soon reply to you for any further procedure or confirmation. 

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