How to Delete Udacity Account

By nawa | Updated On November 26, 2021 

Udacity is a great place to get online-paid courses. However, if you don’t want to learn from Udacity and looking forward to enroll in other alternatives like Udemy, Courser, or others, you might want to delete Udacity account at first. Deleting an Udacity account is permanent and cannot be recovered once confirmed. Here’s how to do it. 

Note: If you have any active enrollments, you have to cancel it first to prevent future charges. 

How to delete your Udacity account permanently

  1. Go to and log in to your account.Sign in to Udacity
  2. Click on Settings at the bottom left corner of the page.
    Click Settings
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on SEND DELETE CODE. Now, Udacity will email you a verification code for your account closure.
  4. Enter the verification code and click on VERIFY CODE.
    Verify Code
  5. Click on DELETE MY ACCOUNT.
  6. A confirmation popup will appear, choose YES, DELETE to finish.
    Confirm Account Deletion

What happens when you delete your Udacity account

  • Your account will be inaccessible. 
  • All your information, including enrollments and certificates, will be deleted. 
  • You cannot create a new account with the same email address for 30 days of your account closure. 

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How to cancel your Udacity subscription

  1. Visit and sign in to your account if you haven’t.
    Sign in to Udacity
  2. Click on Settings at the bottom left corner.
    Click Settings
  3. Under ENROLLMENT, select Subscription & Billing.
    Click on Subscriptions & Billing
  4. Now, follow the on-screen instructions to confirm. 

You can also avoid paying for the next period’s fees by canceling your automatic subscription a few days before your next billing date. 

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