How to Delete Avaaz Account?

By Carina | Updated On January 9, 2022 

Hello there, are you trying to find a way to delete/cancel/remove your Avaaz account? Look no further because we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll help you guide, as to how, you can delete your Avaaz, whatever your reason may be.

What is Avaaz?

Avaaz is a non-profit organization based in the US, that promotes global activism on various issues like climate change, human and animal rights. It also helps different people and organizations can use to start up campaigns. This organization is an online platform for campaigning. It provides a portal for people to raise voices, and create awareness by signing petitions, funding media campaigns, emailing, calling, and lobbying governments. Everyone can start their petitions and each campaign page contains detailed information about the issues, the total amount of users that have signed the petition, recent signers, it also has a sharing tool that allows users to share and promote the campaign through different social networks.

Avaaz was co-founded by Res Publica, a “community of public sector professionals that is dedicated to promoting good governance, deliberative democracy, and civic virtue,” and, i.e., an American non-profit progressive public policy advocacy group. Further, it was also supported by Service Employees International Union, a founding partner.

Each campaign page includes more information about the issue, the total number of users who have signed the petition, a list of recent signers, and sharing tools that enable users to promote a campaign via various social networking sites and share them with various social media users.

They also help conduct “offline protests” to help make the world a better place. The organization also provides a news feed where you can view different petitions and make donations. It can also help to protest against different social media companies, tech companies, tech platforms, and tech giants for their wrongdoings. It also helps combat harmful content from various online platforms.

Although there are rumors that Avaaz is a scam and is used to spread rumors and harmful misinformation like coronavirus misinformation and election misinformation but there are various fact-checking organizations and independent organizations that also help make sure the pieces of content are valid and accurate.

Why Delete your Avaaz Account?

Although content moderation is done, in every corner of the internet, there exists a lot of online misinformation, fake news, conspiracy theories, covid-19 misinformation especially in social networks like Facebook.

This is also the case for Avaaz, sites like Avaaz may also inadvertently cause amplification of misinformation. There exists some false content and divisive content in the platform and as a result, you may be tired of the platform altogether. Sometimes the user can get swayed or influenced by the fake content in a negative way and sometimes there are lots of emotional content that are targeted to benefit from the pity of others.

As stated in their privacy policy which you can read here, they also collect sensitive information from the user like their names, email addresses, IP addresses, addresses. Details and history of donations made using the website. This can be a cause for concern for some people, Privacy is very important to people and people want to keep their data as private as possible.

Or perhaps you feel no longer to be a part of the Avaaz community, for whatever reasons you seem to feel fit for, you always have the option of opting out of it.

What Happens When you Delete your Avaaz Account?

When you take the steps to delete your account, you’ll lose all your donation histories profile and other information associated with your account.

Also, unlike other websites, you won’t be able to recover your account after the deletion of your account. So, rethinking this decision is important.

How to Delete your Avaaz Account?

Using the website

Step 1: Navigate to the Avaaz website

Step 2: Then, click on Contact Avaaz at the bottom of the page, in the footer section.

contact avaaz

Step 3: You will be navigated to their contact us page, click on the Contact us button at the bottom-right portion of the screen

Step 4: A new panel to contact the Avaaz team will appear, Select “I have a question about my account or email” on the “What do you need help with?” drop-down menu and then click on next.

ask question

Step 5: Insert your details like your name and email into the text field, then on the subject field write “Deletion of Account” and on The description, write ” I would like to request the deletion of my account” and then send it.

write details

Using Mail

Step 1: Open your browser from your mobile device or your computer and Log in to the account that is registered with the Avaaz account using your Login Email. Make sure to use a valid Email.

Step 2: Then, Compose a new email and insert the email address

Step 3: Type “Request to Delete My Avaaz Account” on the Subject field to make a deletion request.

Step 4: Write an email to the support team to request account deletion. The following format below is recommended:


Sample Letter 

Dear Avaaz Team.

I would like to request to delete an account that I have registered in your system with the name [Insert Name] And the email associated with the account is [ Insert Valid Email]

Since I will not be using your system, I would also like to kindly request you to delete my login credentials and all my information from your database.



Your Name.:

Correct Email address:

Phone Number:


After Sending Mail

The Avaaz team may reach out to you to confirm the deletion of your account, and you may need to verify with their support team using a confirmation email before your account is deleted, then the support team will guide you through the process to delete your Avaaz account for good. After your account has been deleted, you will be alerted with an email notification saying the account was deleted.

It might take a few days for the Avaaz support team to review your request so make sure to check your mail from time to time. Moreover, if you do not receive an email in a few days then just go to their website and send another email.

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