How to Delete / Deactivate Edmodo Account?

By Carina | Updated On January 11, 2022 

What is Edmodo, and why should you keep away?

With the coronavirus outbreak having forced us into self-isolation for months now, our lives have been turned upside down. From training sessions to educational videos and even the most significant ones like tutoring, courses have all been changed by digital media for example learning apps like Edmodo. On top of that, the prevalent usage of smart devices has been a helpful tool that allows creators, tutors, and students to learn from anywhere. As technology has progressed and reached a wide variety of audiences, the challenges to fulfill their requirements have become tremendously tricky and nerve-racking. Security, reliability, user-friendliness helps gain user traction to any digital medium. The peak of success for any application is their evolvement around the user and their tasks and continuity among the platforms to offer a seamless yet controlled environment everywhere.


On a recent rise of online learning applications, Edmodo is one of the digital platforms advertised to be a helping channel for students and teachers worldwide. But, their reviews and their offerings have been rather unpleasant. Most people thought Edmodo was a bad idea when they first heard about it because its interface seemed complicated for new users to figure out. In addition to that, there hasn’t been any moderation implemented for maintaining secure environments where both teachers and kids feel safe. As a result, the application on mobile devices has suffered rather sluggish behavior and an unpleasant experience, as stated by our team. The website interface also has much to be offered, and it isn’t evident and not well built for quick login and register actions. The parent app is also useless as it doesn’t provide any monitoring options, while other alternatives like Schoology and canvas offer various moderation and monitoring options.

What happens when you delete an Edmodo account?

Edmodo has a 30-day deactivation period set in place before deleting your account permanently. If the account is not reactivated within the 30-day deactivation period, the account user will no longer have access to previously joined classes, grades, and other various assets. In addition, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address to notify you if the account owner performed your action. If the deletion request was not intended or done by unauthorized access to your account, contact the support team to halt the process and reactive your account.

Note: If the account is not reactivated within 30 days, your account will be permanently deleted.

What happens when you unsubscribe from the Edmodo account?

Edmodo runs as a freemium provider, i.e., it provides essential services free of cost, however unsubscribing from a premium plan eliminates the ability to expand the number of participants, get quicker support and extra cloud storage.

For the organization subscription, the access to add students more than 40 will be limited, with the base cloud storage. The participants will have their benefits cut off if the organization they are trying to decides to unsubscribe from their service.

How to delete Edmodo Account?

Edmodo offers a deactivation to prevent its users from completely losing access to their classes and grades. Users are advised to perform a backup of their account in order to transfer their content to another application or to view it later down the line. The deactivation period is set at 30 days, but if the user doesn’t want to use Edmodo anymore, they can log out before then. If they don’t log in again within 30 days, their account will be automatically deleted.

Guide to initiate deactivation process of Edmodo


  • Log in to your Edmodo account from your preferred web browser.
  • Backup required documents and classes (optional)
  • Click the round profile icon on the top right corner.
  • Then click on setting and scroll down to deactivate your account highlighted in red.
deactivate the Edmodo account


  • On the top right corner of the dashboard, click profile; the icon
  • Account details will appear with a list of options
  • Then click on settings
  • Scroll down and click on deactivate your account button

How to delete credit cards from the Edmodo account?

If you want to delete your payment method from an Edmodo account, go to the “Help Center” tab and submit a request for automatic removal, or you can follow these steps for manual procedure.

  • Go to your profile top right corner
  • Click on the setting tab
  • Expand the payment and subscription tab
  • View your credit card/ debit card detail
  • Later click the delete payment option right below your intended payment option.

For more assistance, contact  or call (650) 336-0395.

How to appeal for an account deactivated by Edmodo?

If an account has been set up for deletion after deactivation, the user can log in to their account again. Consider using the administrator account or providing details for the primary user when appealing from within the organization. If any anomaly occurs and your account is deactivated, send an email to the Edmodo support team by briefly explaining your issues and your account number at

In case of any breach of terms and conditions or unethical behavior, the account will be permanently deleted.

How to stop receiving notifications from Edmodo?

For Students

To turn notifications for classes, assignments, etc., off your phone, go into Settings > Notifications > Class Time Reminders/Assignments > Turn Off Notification Button. If you’re using Chrome for Windows or Mac OS X, right-click (or control + click) on the page where you want to block cookies, then select “Block site.” In Safari, open Preferences > Security.

Note: You can push back your notifications or set a time when you want your notification to arrive. Set your notifications, so they go off at specific times instead of constantly pinging you throughout the day.

For Parents

If you want to stop receiving offers and status of your Edmodo account, unsubscribe from their newsletter here. If you need any further help, please email us at or (650) 336-0395.


Hence, these are all you need to know about Edmodo, its features, payment plans, and the steps to delete your Edmodo account.

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