How to Delete Workoutdoors Account?

By Carina

Hello there, are you trying to find a way to delete/cancel/remove your Workoutdoors account? Look no further because we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll help you guide, as to how, you shall delete your Workoutdoorsaccount, whatever your reason may be.

What is Workoutdoors?

Workoutdoors is a type of workout app or a fitness tracking app for your apple watch. It also displays a vector map while exercising. It has over 300 live metrics and is one of the most configurable workout apps. Since the screen map is drawn with the help of vectors it can be smoothly zoomed in-out, rotated, or panned. It has a functional vector map so it also provides accurate information about the locations. This app has much-improved analytics screens, completely configurable screens and users can also set default running screens. Workoutdoors app is perfect for running, cycling, hiking, and so on.

Workoutdoors also includes different interval sessions that can help with your workout and also provide interval notifications when the interval is complete or give distance notification. It provides a detailed analysis of workouts and details of your activity type. The watch screen layouts can also be configured according to your needs. It is also compatible with Apple health/activities app.

The workout screen displays your heart rate values while exercising and can be paired with an apple watch to make use of it fully. It is user-configurable and can even make a custom screen that you like for your app and it has a screen battery meter. The app even has features like auto mode, distance alerts, quick notes, splits button, and voice feedback. It can be downloaded from the app store or you can also install it on your apple watch.

What is WorkOutDoors Used for?

As the name implies, the WorkOutDoors is an apple watch fitness app. It can be used to work out outdoors. The users can set distances or routes they want to travel and then it shows the actual route and different configurable shortcuts that users can take. This app displays information like calorie-burn rate, average heart rate, rolling pace, pace fields, previous pace, alerts for pace, and average pace metrics. It also has alerts for distance.

It can be used for interval training because it provides interval alerts and users can configure interval type and it also has configurable intervals and configurable distance, Distance Notification, and estimates of distance

Why Delete your WorkOutDoors Account?

Sometimes things tend to get busy and people may not have time for some outdoor exercise, or some may be tired of exercising outdoors. Or some may just not have the time for that. Different people have different reasons for deleting their WorkOutDoors accounts, some find the screen messages and screen description distracting and some want improved settings screens.

Or perhaps you feel no longer to be a part of the WorkOutDoors community, for whatever reasons you seem to feel fit for, you always have the option of opting out of it.

This system also keeps track of your vitals, locations and heart rate, and other critical information. This can be a cause for concern for some people because stuff like that is private and important and people want to keep their data private. If your reason for deleting your account is because of the user interface, the workout screen buttons, or some features, you can try the beta version, or wait for future versions that update the program, you can also beta test future versions and recommend changes you don’t like in the beta version.

What Happens When you Delete your WorkOutDoors Account?

When you take the steps to delete your account, you’ll lose important information like your location or workout history, and other information associated with your account. You can no longer access the application and will need to register again to log into the system.

Unsubscribe from WorkOutDoors

It is relatively easy to signup to a system but it can sometimes be quite tricky to unsubscribe from a service. Here’s how you can unsubscribe from WorkOutDoors service.

1. From your iPhone or iPad

Step 1: Open your device and find the Settings

Step 2: Then, click on the “Subscriptions” button (If you are unable to find this tab, go to iTunes and Appstore to find it)

Step 3: Then click on your AppleID and then scroll down to the Subscriptions

Step 4: Click on WorkOutDoors and click Cancel.

2. From Android devices

Step 1: Open Google Play Store from your android device,

Step 2: Select menu and then go to “Subscription

Step 3: Select WorkOutDoors and then tap on the “Cancel Subscription” option


3. Deleting your account by sending an email

To delete your WorkOutdoors account you may need to send an email to the company. You can do so by following these simple steps

Step 1: Open your browser and Log in to the account that is registered with the Mingle2 account using your Email. Make sure to use a valid Email.

Step 2: Then, Compose a new email and insert the email address [email protected]

Step 3: Type “Request to Delete My Account” on the Subject field to make a deletion request.

Step 4: Write an email to the support team to request account deletion. The following format below is recommended:

Sample Letter 

Dear Workoutdoors Team,

I would like to request to delete an account that I have registered in your system with the name [Insert Name] And the email associated with the account is [ Insert Valid Email]

Since I will not be using your system, I would also like to kindly request you to delete my login credentials and all my information from your database.



Your Name.:

Correct Email address:

Phone Number:


Delete – Workoutdoors Account

Workoutdoors may contact you to confirm the deletion of your account and may ask for reasons you want to quit the app before deleting your account. After your account has been deleted, you may be alerted with an email saying your account was deleted.

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